The pleasant Mediterranean climate and a good strategic location has facilitated the presence of the man in the Coastal Range for centuries. The Range framed within the old domain of the tribe of Iberians Laietans and there are many establishments that testify. Surely we can say that this was a historical moment and social system which was organized living space mountain range. The Iberians had an economy based on cereals and a full social organization. To the first century BC, there is a process of abandonment of settlements (the tops of the hills) to the Plan is a product of the socio-economic political system imposed by the Roman domination.

During the seventeenth century, the vineyards and cereals also being noticeable. search of water and its use has always been a key effort to revitalize agriculture in the area, as evidenced by water concessions in seventeenth century records consist of royal heritage.

Today, the Coastal Range has become the largest protected natural area of the Vallès and Maresme. The main economic activities are agriculture, farming and forestry. Maresme, with alluvial soils, good quality for agricultural activity and a favorable climate, there has been a significant development of conrreus orchard, flower and ornamental plant and vines, while livestock secondary importance . In the forests of the Sierra rich pine practiced collecting pine nuts pineapple extract preunats that undertaken in baking. As main crops of fruit and vegetables have the following: The flower of peas, tomato Pometes the white kidney beans, lima beans, cherry of Rock, strawberries, and in the section of mushrooms: “moixernons”, “rovellons” and “girgoles”.

Santa Elena AGELL 

The center of the neighborhood, located on the foot of the castle-Burriac is chaired by the ancient chapel of St. Helena, around which the whole story revolves it. The first appointment is Agell documentary of the year 990, five years after Mansur was destroyed and Iluro Barcino, Iberian aposentat in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Cabrera Mataro. This is the legacy of a freehold made ​​by the bishop in the Church Vives of Barcelona; This freehold has been in “AGELL” which was then out of Arona. According to Francesc Carreras Candi, in his work “Cabrera Maresme”, in 1067 as part Agell Cabrera adueix the author writing that reads: “… in barchinonensi comitatus in marine parrochia in Sancti happy in Capri Ayelo term. ”

The 18 January 1014 (XV Kalends of February) eighteenth year of the reign of Robert, is contained donated piece of land that has been located in the county of Barcelona, ​​Maresme (maritime) term “ula Agell the palots “made ​​by brothers Riquilde, Gelmiro, Cusco and the Gotmar Canonja Santa Eulalia and Santa Cruz, which is founded Basilica in Barcelona and warned them of alms Elias, his brother. The third event, which is as follows: December 28 1122 sale of land and vineyards in the county of Barcelona in terms Aiello, Urriola, Ardeuna, Tiellars, Munisuriolo; located in the marsh. Were included boots and cups; slogan all, worth fifty sous. The term was under the jurisdiction of the castle Burriac and gentlemen had called litigation hold Agell jurisdictional issues, among others William of Arona, Peter Desbosc Guillem Ramon de Montcada and Guillema Castellvell and Bearn.